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Asian Competition Law Forum (2009)

- Theme : Promoting Competition Law and Policy in Asian
- Date : October 30-31, 2009

- Venue : East China University of Political Science (Shanghai), Zhejiang Sci-Tec University Law School (Hangzhou)
- Organizer : Economic Law Research Center of ECUPL
- Co-organizer : Zhejiang Sci-Tec University Law School, Asia Competition Association (ACA)
- Agenda (Oct. 30th, 2009) : Shanghai / Diamond 4, New World Mayfair Hotel

Time Category Details
09:30 ~ 10:00 Registration Registration
10:30 ~ 11:30 Opening Session Opening Address
Moderator :
Kwon ohsung, Prof. of Seoul National University, Korea
Xu Shiying, Prof. of ECUPL, China
Speaker :
Gu Gongyun, Vice President of ECUPL, China
Zhao Hong, Vice Director of Anti-monopoly Division, MOFCOM, China
Hoil Yoon, Partner of Yoon Yang Kim Shin & Yu
11:30 ~ 13:30 Lunch Buffet Restaurant of New World Mayfair Hotel
13:30 ~ 15:00 Session 1 The Challenge of New Economy to Competition Law
Moderator :
Lin Yanping (Prof. of ECUPLl, China)
Kil jun Park (Prof. of Yonsei University, Korea)
Speakers :
Xiaoye Wang (Prof. of CASS, China)
Lv Mingyu (Prof. of Zhengzhou University, China)
Panellists :
Wang Xianlin (Prof. of Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Sae Ree Yun (Partner of Yulchon Attorneys at Law, Korea)
15:30 ~ 15:50 Tea Break Tea Break
15:50 ~ 17:20 Session 2 Enterprise Merger Controlling Standard in AML
Moderator :
Liu Ningyuan (Prof. of ECUPL, China)
Henoki (Prof. of Hokkaido University)
Speakers :
Won Joon Kim (Senior Advisor of Kim & Chang, Korea)
Lv Jiang (Anti-monopoly Division, MOFCOM, China)
Xiaomin Fang (Prof. of Nanjing University, China)
Panellists :
Huang Yong (Prof. of University of International Business and Economics, China)
Shen Weihua (Director of Fair Competition Division, SMERT)
17:20 ~ 18:00 Question & Discussion Questions & Discussions
18:00 ~ 20:00 Dinner Diamond 4, New World Mayfair Hotel


- Agenda (Oct. 30th, 2009) : Shanghai / 5 Second Avenue, Xiasha Higher Education Zone

Time Category Details
07:30 ~ 11:00 Head for Hangzhou Head for Hangzhou
10:00 ~ 10:20 Welcoming Address Welcoming Address
10:20 ~ 11:00 Field Trip Visiting the Campus & Take Photos
11:00 ~ 12:30 Lunch Days Hotel & Suites hangzhou
13:00 ~ 15:00 Section 3 Abusing Dominant Market Position
Moderator :
Sheng Jiemin (Prof. of Peking University, China)
Wang Jian (Prof. of Zhejiang Sci-Tec University)
Speakers :
Yang Tindong (Vice Prof. of Mingchuan University, China Taiwan)
Cao Hongying (Antimonopoly and Anti-unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau,
SAIC, China)
Li Jian (Vice Prof. of Shanghai Jiaotong University, China)
Panellists :
Seong Hoon Jeon (Prof. of Sogang University, Korea)
Questions & Discussions
15:00 ~ 15:20 Tea Break Tea Break
15:20 ~ 17:20 Section 4 Competition Advocacy Experiences from Asian countries
Moderator :
Zheng Pengcheng (Prof. of Hunan University of China)
Seryo Shingo (Prof. of Doshisha University, Japan)
Speakers :
Young Sun Shin (Director General, KFTC)
Kimitoshi Yabuki (Yabuki Law Offices)
Panellists :
Li Gouhai (Prof. of Central South University, China)
Meng Yanbei (Prof. of Renmin University of China)
Questions & Discussions
17:20 ~ 17:30 Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony
Moderator :
Luo Zeheng (Department of Price Supervision, NDRC, China)
Xu Shiying (Prof. of ECUPL, China)
Speakers :
Shi Jianzhong (Prof. of CUPL, China)
Ge Jun (Managing Director of Intel China Ltd.)
18:30 ~ 20:30 Dinner Party Days Hotel & Suites Hangzhou